Lixus – specialised commercial activity in its urban / hinterland embedding [ROOTS]

Titel BildThe project seeks to investigate the specialised infrastructure for commercial fish-salting and its urban integration at Lixus, a harbour town on the Moroccan Atlantic coast about 120 km south of the Strait of Gibraltar in the estuary of the ancient river Loukkos. The site has an unusual history reaching from an early Phoenician settlement down to the Islamic period.

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E3 - Transformations in the Interrelation between Humans and Landscape between the 7th and the 1st Centuries BCE in the Eastern Mediterranean [SFB1266]

Titel Bild The project widens the horizon of the first phase of the project by shifting the focus to urban planning and urbanistic developments within planned urban settings as a major aspect of human/landscape relations. Choosing an archaeological approach, the cities founded in the Hellenistic kingdoms will serve as case studies, comprising foundations from the Greek mainland to the Middle East and Afghanistan, and the time period encompasses the late 4th to the 2nd century BCE. These centuries witnessed a before unseen intensity in the planning and establishment of cities all over the Greek world

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