The 'bathingscape' of Roman Ostia (Krüger)

Terme del Sette Sapienti

Ostia, Terme del Sette Sapienti (wikimedia CC-BY-SA-2.5)

The project aims to investigate Roman baths in relation to their urban context and as part of an ‘urban waterscape’. The city of Ostia will serve as a case study because of its well known urban fabric and its abundant evidence of bathing facilities with construction dates ranging from the 1st cent. until the 4th/5th cent. AD. Therefore, it is possible to investigate Ostia’s bathing culture, people's attitudes towards bathing, and changing requirements in relation to the development of the city and its changing urban landscape from Early Imperial Times to Late Antiquity. The study tackles questions on urban agency and perception by investigating urban lifestyle, practices and routines as well as the perceivable qualities of individual bath buildings on an urban and on a neighbourhood scale.