Designing Cities, Shaping Lives. Urbanity in Ancient North Africa and its Mediterranean context (Lamare)

Blick über Aigeira und den Korinthischen Golf
The Capitol of Sbeitla, Tunisia Photo: N. Lamare


The project analyses the planning and development processes of cities, while taking on the neglected aspects of their quotidian use and perception. This topic will be dealt for the first time focusing on the cities of North Africa in a broad chronological framework between the period of the first Roman colonies of the 1st century AD and the end of the Byzantine rule in the region around the late 6th century AD. The objective is to appreciate the transformation of cities, in particular their surface extension and the change of function of certain areas over the centuries, and to see how new configurations led to changes in daily practices and to the very concept of city. With a holistic approach, the project will be based on the study of topographic, architectural and archaeological documentation, alongside juridical, literary and epigraphic sources.