1. The Department


Together with Ancient History and Greek and Latin Philology, the Classical Archaeology department forms part of the Institute for Classical Studies. With two professorships, Classical Archaeology is one of the smaller departments in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. This allows for small, manageable learning groups, a sense of community and the possibility of individual supervision. 

Despite its small size, with various, major externally funded projects, the department is one of the top classical Archaeology departments for research in Germany. This gives students the opportunity to be involved in current research already during their studies: for example, by taking part in field work.

In addition, every semester, the department organizes numerous guest lectures, conferences, colloquia and workshops, in which both member of the department and invited outside speakers present their latest research.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions about studying in Kiel. You will find a list of contacts below. In addition to the instructors and departmental advisors, you are also welcome at any time to contact the Student Committee about questions or problems. The Student Committee is the official representative organ of the students in Classical Archaeology.



Prof. Dr. Annette Haug (Department Chair)

Prof. Dr. Patric-Alexander Kreuz (Urban Archaeology)

Dr. Philipp Kobusch (Interim Professor; Departmental Advising)

Dr. Valentina Garaffa (Departmental Advising; Erasmus Coordinator)

Anna-Lena Krüger (Departmental Advising)

Student Committee: fs.klassarch.kiel@gmail.com

List of all contacts