2. The Substantive Focus: The Cultural History of Antiquity


The Classical Archaeology department is devoted to study of the material remnants of Greek and Roman culture. The temporal frame of reference extends from the Late Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC) to Late Antiquity (4th to 6th centuries AD).

In addition to the core regions of Greece, Italy and Asia Minor, the geographical frame of reference also includes the areas bordering the Greco-Roman cultural space (from Spain to the Black Sea, from Great Britain to North Africa).

Examination of cities and their images constitutes the focus of studies in Kiel. We deal with questions concerning, on the one hand, the design, use and perception of cities and their surrounding areas of settlement and, on the other, the aesthetic and communicative function of images and ornamentation. For both aspects – city and image – different contexts of action and perception (such as feasts or rituals), different materialities (stone or brick buildings, ceramic or metal vessels) and different media (such as architecture, coins or statues) are of significance.