Archäologisches Kolloquium (Prof. Dr. Bettina Bergmann, Massachusetts/USA)

24.06.2015 von 10:15 bis 11:45

CAP2 - Hörsaal A

Titel: Seaside Marvels in Roman fresco

Abstract: In the first century BCE there appeared a novel genre of miniaturist landscape painting, which introduced 'realistic' scenes of waterways into domestic interiors. These appear to illustrate contemporary maritime villa views along the Bay of Naples, showcasing breezy seaside architecture, sun-filled porticoes and belvederes, boats and fishermen.

Precisely the same features are lauded by Roman authors, who describe a new artistry of view-making that highlighted the optical effects of sun on water and allowed access to the sea with protection and comfort, adding unprecedented luxury to one's private life.

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