Project 1: Decorative principles in Roman houses

Casa del Fauno

Atrium of the Casa del Fauno (VI.12.2) from Pompeii                                      Foto: A. Haug 


The PI-Project (WP 1) will investigate principles of use, content and function of decor from the 2nd century BC to the late 1st century AD on the basis of selected examples of late Republican and early Imperial residences and houses.

An exemplary analysis of Pompeian houses of the first, second and third style will allow for an an analysis of the following questions:

  • How can we describe the relation between architecture and decor (comprising images and ornaments the like)? In what way do building strategies and decorative strategies refer to each other?
  • How can we understand decorative systems with regard to specific spatially rooted practices? Is it possible to reconstruct different forms of visual perceptions for one and the same decorative context?
  • What are the reasons behind the profound change of decorative principles during the Late Republic and the Early Imperial period?