Excavation at Grumentum (Lauritsen)

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse KaffeeThe British Archaeological Project at Grumentum (BAPG) is an excavation and survey project examining the economic character of a Lucano-Roman town in western Basilicata. Like many Roman sites in southern Italy, Grumentum’s major public buildings have been thoroughly excavated, recorded and restored. While these structures provide useful insights into the town’s political history, they tell us little about its social and economic life. Employing a programme of urban excavations in conjunction with landscape surveys in the ager Grumentinus, the BAPG aims to analyse—and eventually quantify—the development of Grumentum’s commercial and industrial economies between the pre-Roman period and the early Dominate. The project is directed by Dr. Taylor Lauritsen, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in Klassische Archäologie, and serves as an archaeological field school for undergraduate students from universities throughout Europe and North America. Further details about the BAPG and its research aims can be found at the project website, which can be reached via the link below.
BAPG Website