4. Courses


German is the language of instruction in all courses; following consultation with the instructors, exams may, however, also be taken in English or possibly other European languages (see Examinations/Coursework below). An overview of the courses offered can be found in the UniVis. In Kiel, we distinguish between lecture courses (VL, lecture by the instructors), various, more discussion-oriented seminars (PS, HS, OS), and practically oriented training (Ü). Proseminars (PS) are aimed at first- and second-year students, main seminars (HS) at advanced (third-year) students and graduate seminars (OS) at master students. In spring, a 10-day field trip (Ex) to the Mediterranean region normally takes place. If you are interested, contact the relevant instructor early, before the beginning of the semester, in order to inquire about the conditions for participating.

We are happy to advise you beforehand on the choice of courses. Please contact the Erasmus Coordinator.