Urban ROOTS Projects

Projekte mit Beteiligung der Abteilung Klassische Archäologie

[DECOR/ROOTS] Cities as affective and emotional spaces. Erotics and love in Rome and Pompeii (Haug)

Fresco im Domus Aurea in RomThe aim of the project is a topography of affect and emotion. Emotionally charged forms of action (e. g. the correlate of sexuality, lust, and love) are to be located within urban topographies.  It is the public, not the private space, which is in the focus of this study.



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[DECOR/ROOTS] Die Insula del Citarista in Pompeji – Bauaufnahme und Bauforschung (Haug/ Busen)

department Die Casa del Citarista ist vor allem für ihre Wandmalereien und die namensgebende Bronzestatue des Apollo Citarista bekannt. Die bauliche Entwicklung der Insula I 4, die zu großen Teilen von der Casa del Citarista eingenommen wird, ist hingegen nur in groben Zügen bekannt und die Bausubstanz bisher nicht genau untersucht worden.

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[ROOTS] Lixus – specialised commercial activity in its urban / hinterland embedding (Kreuz)

Kleine Gruppen The project seeks to investigate the specialised infrastructure for commercial fish-salting and its urban integration at Lixus, a harbour town on the Moroccan Atlantic coast about 120 km south of the Strait of Gibraltar in the estuary of the ancient river Loukkos. The site has an unusual history reaching from an early Phoenician settlement down to the Islamic period.

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[ROOTS] Designing Cities, Shaping Lives. Urbanity in Ancient North Africa and its Mediterranean context (Lamare)

Kleine Gruppen The project analyses the planning and development processes of cities, while taking on the neglected aspects of their quotidian use and perception. This topic will be dealt for the first time focusing on the cities of North Africa in a broad chronological framework between the period of the first Roman colonies of the 1st century AD and the end of the Byzantine rule in the region around the late 6th

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